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Frequently Asked Questions about our online store

--- For shipping and payment issues, you can find more detailed and updated info within "Shipping Info" and "Payment Instruction" buttons at the top of our online store.

Note: our webstore is only tested working well in Internet Explorer browser. Other browers also seem Ok.

Last updated on Nov. 23, 2007

Buyer's guide: You can browse products by category or search products by keyword (e.g., isolator) or model number at left top corner, put multiple-products into your cart and check out, and finally submit order if you do not need add more goods. If you have to leave the online store and later you come back, you can still re-login, add goods and edit qty in your shopping cart, as long as you have not clicked the button “submit order”. We can also combine your orders manually. The real-time shipping cost calculator is based on approximate parcel size and weight. Within a few hours after you submit the order showing an initial invoice on online store, we will email you a revised invoice/quote manually based on correct parcel size and weight, unless you have chosen the 2nd and 3rd payment option: “Visa Online”, “Credit card through Paypal, pay now to ship promptly”.


Why submit order online ? Submitting order directly from our online store is a best way to reserve goods and also to choose your preferred shipping and payment method. You can still email us to cancel the order later as long as the goods has not been shipped. We can still make quote manually as before if you really need, but we have to submit online order on behalf of you.


Why registration ? To get correct real-time shipping calculation result, you need register or log-in. You have to fill in your country, postcode, state/province. UPS also requires city name for some countries. If postcode or province is not applicable in your country, you still need fill in the space by any other words, such as “other”, “your country name”, “your city name” .


Questions about ordering products in online store

1. What is the order procedure from your webstore ?

a. Checkout in shopping cart

·         Shipping cost on your shopping cart is only an estimated value based on very-approximate weight/volumetric-weight. The UPS real-time calculation on shopping-cart page is the approximate shipping cost after 30% discount from UPS published rate (including insurance 0.9% of total, and fuel surcharge; excluding tax, we will add GST 6% in shopping-cart/invoice to Canadian buyers). Canada Post rate in shopping cart is quite accurate (with fuel surcharge and under-estimated insurance cost). If Canada post xpresspost costs almost same as expedited parcel(e.g., small parcel to near locations), the shopping cart only shows expedited parcel.

b. Submit order in shopping cart

·         After you submitted order, if you need add more items or qty, you may submit another order, we have to combine orders manually.

·         We will calculate exact shipping cost based on parcel weight/size and give you formal invoice. The shipping cost already includes 2.7%/3.7% paypal service fee assuming you will pay paypal with credit card  to If you choose to pay in other options, we will send you an updated invoice offering 2.7% discount of goods value for North American and 3.7% for other country buyers. Other surcharge (special handling and packing, some payment transaction fee), discount (for bulk purchase), and credit (due to over-payment of last order) will be also considered here.

c.       Send payment or acceptable purchase order.

·         For paypal payment option, pay paypal at our online store automatically or go to to send payment manually.

d.      We ship goods

·         You will receive sales receipt or paid invoice, including applicable tracking number. We may not change the order status as complete in your “order history” on the online store, but we record all the order info in our accounting software anyway.

e.       Buyer examines received goods.

·         Let us know as soon as possible if there is mistake.

f.       For applicable purchase order, buyer will mail company check after receiving the parcel.


2. How to find full product list ?

Click "SEARCH" at top left corner of our webstore page, leave blank in all boxes.

3. How to find a specific product ?

Type keyword in "SEARCH" at top left corner of our webstore page.

4. How to find new arrived goods ?

·         New-arrived-goods category

·         Sort by Arrive-Date in product list (either full list or within a category), then newer-arrived items are always at top part of the list.

5. How often do you update quantity info ?

Quantity info is updated automatically when an order is submitted on our online store. For out of web sales, we normally update quantity info at least once a week. We also add new arrived items from time to time.

Questions about additional charge or discount

5. Do you offer discount for bulk purchase ?

We may offer limited discount for quantity purchase(normally 5% depending on qty and complexity). Some goods (not easy to get or limited qty in stock) may not be eligible for discount.


6. Do you charge shipping handling fee ?

We normally charge $0-$3 handling fee for most of goods. For some components without original packing, we have to take extra time and protection material to pack well, and we would charge limited handling fee (depending on how much time we would spend). We may change $5 to $13 handling fee for large instruments.



Questions about shipping issues


7. What couriers do you use mostly ?

Canada post offers most inexpensive service.

UPS offers large discount for us (currently we offer about 30% discount from UPS website published rate).  UPS ground to North America is a good alternative of Canada post surface. UPS express is a good alternative of  Canada post air.          

8. Can I preview or pick up goods ?

We may consider your special requests. Normally we do not accept preview due to limited staffs and facility. We can add more photos and make test upon request and we offer money-back warranty anyway. We may make appointment for pick-up though our sale procedure is standardized for shipping option.


9. All your goods are in stock and ship immediately ?

All of our goods are in stock and available for sale immediately, unless some limited goods stated as “in other cities”, “reserved”, “to be tested”. We normally ship on the same or next business day after receiving payment or acceptable PO. Some goods would require extra one or two days due to complicated test, fusion-splicing and other services, delicate packing, unknown pricing, or high-order season. 


Questions about payment


10. Do you accept credit card ?

We begin to accept Visa credit card directly either online or by fax. You can also pay paypal with credit card even if you do not have paypal account yet.


Other Questions


11. Can I use Netscape browser  ?

Our webstore only supports Internet Explorer. Netscape and other browers would be still OK for most of features. Datasheet links are not working and the web-browsing is very slow in Netscape (not CSS compatible), since some appearances of our website are designed by CSS.