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Company name: ,   Email: ,   Tel: 1-613-7214921,  Fax: 1-613-8289398

Notice  (Feb. 1, 2007): We have add a new business name to GLZTECH Enterprise. We have renamed website from  to .  Old domain website and email is also working.

Notice updating (July 20, 2007): Most goods have been moved to new webstore ( ) already (see bottom of this page). Rest of goods (see few paragraphs below) are still in old website, these items and  more new-arrived goods will be transferred to new webstore gradually, they are also listed in New-Arrived (dual category) in new online store. During this busy period, we normally do not sell the goods on which we have to make time-consuming test for buyer to determine the major specification and working condition. The shopping cart system in new webstore can save our quoting time and also customer's ordering time significantly.

How to order?  Try to submit order from shopping cart in new webstore. If you cannot find requested goods there, you can check old webstore inventory list. Please enter the categories below, select items, copy the product code (most important), item name, description, and quantity of required items into your email request. We will reply with quotation in few hours normally (Or we may add these items to new webstore for you if you also order more items from new webstore).  Contact:, E-mail:, Tel: 1-613-7214921, Cell: 1-613-8847499,  Fax: 1-613-8289398 (If this fax line is busy, please call 1-613-8847499 then we will make the fax line available).  Note: We update quantity info for each item at least once or twice a week. So quantity info should be correct.

Search following inventory still in old webstore (They will be transferred to new webstore gradually)  

Optical Instruments and Parts List  (Optical amplifier)

Electrical Instruments and Parts List


Search products already in new webstore (with shopping cart)   

Passive Fiber Components List

Fiber/Cable Spools

Optical Instruments and Parts List II

Optical Lab Tools/Parts List

Electrical Instruments and Parts List II

Active Fiber Component and System List (Photo-detector, Optic receiver, Pump Laser, Signal Laser & LED, Optic Transmitter Card & module, Optic Transceiver, Modulator, OC-192 cards w/ optic modules, etc.) 

Fiber Patchcord/Jumper/Pigtail List

Newport-like Optics Parts

New-Arrived Goods


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