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The patented ULTRAsplice is a high performance, cost effective, mechanical fiber optic splice that is reusable and easy to install for emergency or permanent installations. The splice features a patented glass capillary alignment tube, pre-loaded with index matching gel, to allow inspection of fiber location during installation. Additionally, the collet locking nuts allow users to tune and secure the fiber for optimum alignment and retention.




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The glass capillary allows inspection of fiber misalignments. Using the Visual Fault Locator (P/N: FT-VFL), a light will amplify the fiber misalignment point and allow the user to fine tune the splice.
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When fibers are properly aligned, no light will be visible. This feature allows the installer to obtain a low loss splice quickly and efficiently.

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By utilizing a VFL during installation, fiber misalignment can easily be detected and corrected.
ULTRAsplice connectors accommodate fiber buffer sizes from 250-900 microns.

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