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Feb 15, 2019
Our new Fedex (priority, economy) shipping rate is quite lower than DHL express, so we are replacing DHL with Fedex. Our low cost fedex rate is not listed in webstore yet. It will be listed in new webstore to be effective in 1 or 2 weeks. You can still choose DHL in online order, we will ship by FedEx and reduce shipping fee in final invoice and payment collection. (Canadian buyers are not applicable.)

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Page1 :: Fiber/Cable Spools :: Standard SM Fiber Spool :: 3325 to 4332 meter Lucent standard SM bare fiber spool. Low loss 0.2dB/km at 1.55um. Compatible with SMF-28, easy to fusion-splice with SMF-28. 8.3/125/245 um. Tested Zero dispersion wavelength: 1304.23nm on a sample

  3325 to 4332 meter Lucent standard SM bare fiber spool. Low loss 0.2dB/km at 1.55um. Compatible with SMF-28, easy to fusion-splice with SMF-28. 8.3/125/245 um. Tested Zero dispersion wavelength: 1304.23nm on a sample. Store Product Code: FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C
3325 to 4332 meter Lucent standard SM bare fiber spool. Low loss 0.2dB/km at 1.55um. Compatible with SMF-28, easy to fusion-splice with SMF-28. 8.3/125/245 um. Tested Zero dispersion wavelength: 1304.23nm on a sample  Store Product Code: FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C

There is product label '8.3/125/245' on the fiber spool, which means 8.3um-core, 125um-clad, 245um-coating diameter. Comparing with page 4 in the 1st pdf link below, we believe this fiber is standard singlemode fiber, it is either Depressed-Clad or Matched-clad SM fiber. You can also find Lucent Matched-clad SM fiber specification at page 19 of the 3rd pdf link below. Made by Lucent (OFS). Previous buyer bought these fiber spools on Dec. 2000. We have verified that its low loss performance by OTDR at our lab, sample attenuation is only 0.207dB/km at 1545nm

Zero dispersion wavelength: 1304.23nm, dispersion slope at zero dispersion wavelength: 0.0873 ps /(nm2*km), spool length: 4.232km, tested on a sample by our local dispersion-test contractor at last pdf link below (see spool 17 in test report), with GN Nettest dispersion receiver FD440 RX and transmitter FD440 TX, in July 2013. So it is G.652 fiber, i.e, standard SMF.

Both fiber ends are accessible. Great for transmission test or for OTDR test (to avoid blind-zone). We can add fiber connector ($20 extra each connector) upon request. We already added two FC/UPC connectors on the 3865-meter fiber spool, using 6-meter depressed-clad fiber jumper ( Store Product Code: FPC-SX-SMJUMPER-FC-012D), see last 5 photos for 3865-meter fiber spool before and after fusion-splice.

The fiber can be fusion-spliced with SMF-28 fiber easily at low splice loss, we made four fusion splices easily with 1.5-meter 900um-buffered FC/APC SM fiber pigtails.

The fiber can also be fusion-spliced with Depressed-Clad SM fiber jumper very well. The fiber can be fusion-spliced with Depressed-Clad SM fiber jumper very well (see Store Product Code: FPC-SMJUMPER-GC-027) and also ( Store Product Code: FPC-SX-SMJUMPER-FC-012D), we have verified the two splice losses are 0.02dB, 0.03dB on 3865-meter fiber spool.

Please add fusion splice cost and choose your connector type at Add fiber connector to optical fiber module by fusion-Splice .

Please check available fiber length at the description bottom below, then you will see actual available qty and price. The price is from $101.5 to $131.6 per spool depending on the fiber length. Price is for one spool. We normally do not sell partial fiber from spool, since we do not have fiber re-spool machine.

It is ITU G.652 fiber, see ITU G.652 fiber info at 4th pdf link below.

PDF datasheet     New-model PDF datasheet     PDF user guide     Other info in PDF     Other info in HTML     Manufacturer test data of sample 1    

Quantity6 item(s) available (total)
Condition New, never used, in original full length. In original product box (4-spools per box). 3865-meter spool length have been verified by OTDR, and loss is also verified very low (spool loss 0.79dB/km at 1.55um by power meter, attenuation 0.207dB/km at 1545nm by OTDR) at our lab. With sample dispersion test data, see last pdf link above (spool 17 in test report).
Dimensional Weight
(=LxWxH (cm) /6000)
72.00 kg
Price: US$103.00

Choose fiber length (meter) Avail Qty Price Dim Weight Store Product Code Buy
3400 meter
0 US$103.00 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C Out of stock
3493 meter
0 US$106.82 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C22 Out of stock
3515 meter
0 US$107.20 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C18 Out of stock
3542 meter
0 US$107.64 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C0 Out of stock
3557 meter
0 US$108.10 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C51 Out of stock
3566 meter
0 US$108.37 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C101 Out of stock
3601 meter
1 US$109.42 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C301
3604 meter
1 US$109.52 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C261
3675 meter
1 US$111.68 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C131
3716 meter
1 US$112.93 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C81
3719 meter
1 US$113.02 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C91
3743 meter
1 US$113.74 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C291
3761 meter
0 US$114.70 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C71 Out of stock
3824 meter
0 US$116.21 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C271 Out of stock
4232 meter, fusion-spliced with 2 FC/PC connectors, with dispersion test data at last pdf link (spool 17)
0 US$193.55 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C111 Out of stock
4289 meter
0 US$130.34 4.50 kg FSC-SMF-SPOOL-400C31 Out of stock


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