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Dec 10, 2017
7 new items have been added to online store (40Gb modulator, 20mW 1533nm-1535nm PMF lasers, SC-LC panel dust cover, 980nm pump laser, analog receiver modules, 850nm transceivers)
To find them, click New-Arrived (dual category), click Sort by: Arrive-Date.

We have re-ordered some products, so following out-of-stock items are available now: 4cm-long fiber fusion splice protectors, fiber adapter dust covers, JDS H301 10Gb modulator driver.

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Page1 :: Passive Fiber Components :: WDM Coupler/Combiner/Divider :: 1X2 Green Coarse WDM in C-band or L-band, Oplink P/N: CWDMG1xx00ZHO01.

  1X2 Green Coarse WDM in C-band or L-band, Oplink P/N: CWDMG1xx00ZHO01. . Store Product Code: OFC-WDM-CP-800C
1X2 Green Coarse WDM in C-band or L-band,  Oplink P/N: CWDMG1xx00ZHO01.   Store Product Code: OFC-WDM-CP-800C

Green Coarse WDM OADM. Channel spacing 20nm. With 3 LC/PC fiber connectors.

Please choose wavelength, P/N, and find price at the "Options" section below.

Available center wavelength , P/N, and qty on Dec. 27, 2015 :
1470nm, CWDMG14700ZHO01, 0
1490nm, CWDMG14900ZHO01, 14
1510nm, CWDMG15100ZHO01, 14
1530nm, CWDMG15300ZHO01, 0
1550nm, CWDMG15500ZHO01, 0
1570nm, CWDMG15700ZHO01, 0
1590nm, CWDMG15900ZHO01, 11
1610nm, CWDMG16100ZHO01, 0

PDF datasheet     Other info in PDF    

Quantity38 item(s) available (total)
Condition new in original product case. With actual manufacture test sheet.
Dimensional Weight
(=LxWxH (cm) /6000)
2.10 kg
Available Discount 2%/3%/4%/5%/6%/7%/8%/9%/10%, if total discountable goods value is $500/$750/$1000/$1250/$1500/$2000/$2500/$3000/$4000
Price: US$32.00

choose wavelength, P/N Avail Qty Price Dim Weight Store Product Code Buy
1490nm, CWDMG14900ZHO01
13 US$32.00 0.30 kg OFC-WDM-CP-800C0
1510nm, CWDMG15100ZHO01
14 US$35.00 0.30 kg OFC-WDM-CP-800C1
1590nm, CWDMG15900ZHO01
11 US$35.00 0.30 kg OFC-WDM-CP-800C5


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