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Feb 22, 2018
11 new items have been added to online store (very large qty of 1.55um 50mW 14-pin butterfly DFB laser module. JDS model: cqf938/50. Very large qty of of 10Gb pin-preamp receiver, RF connection is K-connector(SMA-compatible), Ortel model: 2860D-C04, or Nortel model: PP-10G)

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Page1 :: Passive Fiber Components :: WDM Coupler/Combiner/Divider :: $10 each if buy 200pc or more. (1450-1490)nm/(1530-1565)nm WDM combiner with integrated 5% tap. Model: ACWD+UCOV002

  $10 each if buy 200pc or more. (1450-1490)nm/(1530-1565)nm WDM combiner with integrated 5% tap. Model: ACWD+UCOV002. Store Product Code: OFC-WDM-CP-030D
$10 each if buy 200pc or more. (1450-1490)nm/(1530-1565)nm WDM combiner with integrated 5% tap. Model: ACWD+UCOV002  Store Product Code: OFC-WDM-CP-030D

Bandsplitter Filter WDMs split the channel plan into 2 or more groups of wavelengths. bandsplitter Filter WDMs are used within fiber amplifiers as well as in terminal equipment multiplexers and demultiplexers. The 4th port (about 5% tap) is used to monitor output signal power.

We reviewed test data of near 20pc samples, signal insertion loss is between 0.4xdB and 1.0dB, pump insertion loss is between 0.0xdB and 0.2x dB (typical 0.1xdB). So this product is optimized for low insertion loss of pump. Note: 5% tap contributes at least 0.23dB signal loss theoretically.

Made in Feb. 2001.

Quantity87 item(s) available
Condition new with original product pack, mostly come with actual test sheet.
Manufacture year(first 4 digits) and month (2 digits)200102
Dimensional Weight
(=LxWxH (cm) /6000)
0.23 kg
Price: US$14.00

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