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Feb 15, 2019
Our new Fedex (priority, economy) shipping rate is quite lower than DHL express, so we are replacing DHL with Fedex. Our low cost fedex rate is not listed in webstore yet. It will be listed in new webstore to be effective in 1 or 2 weeks. You can still choose DHL in online order, we will ship by FedEx and reduce shipping fee in final invoice and payment collection. (Canadian buyers are not applicable.)

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Page1 :: Fiber/Cable Spools :: Nonzero Dispersion-shifted SM Fiber Spool :: 12km, 13km, 15km, or 20km Lucent Truewave "-" fiber spool. With negative dispersion around 1550nm. Without fiber connectors. Fiber ID number ending with "DXC"

  12km, 13km, 15km, or 20km Lucent Truewave "-" fiber spool. With negative dispersion around 1550nm. Without fiber connectors. Fiber ID number ending with "DXC". Store Product Code: FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C
12km, 13km, 15km, or 20km Lucent Truewave "-" fiber spool. With negative dispersion around 1550nm. Without fiber connectors. Fiber ID number ending with "DXC"  Store Product Code: FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C

Sample dispersion test data from manufacturer Lucent at the 4th pdf link below shows it is Truewave - fiber, the zero dispersion wavelength is around 1558nm, maximum negative dispersion in 1525nm-1575nm is around -4.5ps/nm/km, the 2nd spool (20.451km) in this test sheet was verified by our dispersion test contractor in July 2013 at 3rd pdf link below (see spool 9 in test report). See more sample dispersion test data at last 4 pdf links from AT&T in 1999, they show dispersion over 1525nm-1575nm are negative. It can work with truewave plus fiber together for average zero dispersion in ultra long haul fiber transmission, this fiber combination is also called dispersion-management fiber.

Slightly used with lead cables at each fiber spool end. It is made in late 1996.

The following message is from
NZ-DSF was developed to counteract the FWM limitations of DSF. The idea is to move lambda0 to either end of the 1550 nm band, thus ensuring that all of the wavelength channels have slightly different optical speeds in the fiber. Common brands are TrueWave Classic (Lambda0 < 1530 nm), TrueWave Plus (Lambda0 = 1497 nm), TrueWave RS (Lambda0 < 1452 nm) by Lucent, and SMF-LS (Lambda0 > 1560 nm) by Corning. The advantage that these fibers have over DSF is a compromise solution of a slightly lower degree of integrated dispersion compensation for a higher tolerance to non-linear distortion effects. Available with positive dispersion (+D) NZ-DSF and negative dispersion (-D) NZ-DSF.

The following message is from 2nd pdf link below:
The first generation of Truewave fiber was originally developed in 1993 by ATT. Since then, the Truewave family has evolved under the Lucent brand.

After the TW-AT&T, the next member of the family was named Truewave Classic (TW-C). In the data
sheet below, we notice a slightly higher CD coefficient and a slightly reduced dispersion slope compared to the TW-AT&T.

Following the TW-C, Lucent introduced the Truewave Plus (TW+). Even in this case the CD properties
have been modified. The rest of the optical parameters are left unchanged.

The Truewave evolution continued with the introduction of major changes in the Truewave Reduced Slope (TW-RS), which, according to Lucent, represent the largest part of installed Truewave. The TW-RS is characterized by a higher CD and shows a decrease of about 36% in the dispersion slope. These two
properties translate in a performance improvement for high-density DWDM applications.

The latest member of Truewave family, the Truewave Reach, has been introduced in 2002. The TW Reach is a fiber optimized for application in the S, C and L band and for Raman assisted amplification. (The datasheet is currently not available).

It is ITU G.655 fiber, see ITU G.655 fiber info at 1st pdf link below.

Similar-model PDF datasheet     PDF user guide     Other info in PDF     Manufacturer test data of sample 1     Manufacturer test data of sample 3     Manufacturer test data of sample 4     Manufacturer test data of sample 2     Manufacturer test data of sample 5    

Quantity8 item(s) available (total)
Condition Almost-new cosmetic condition. With attenuation test data from manufacturer (see 3rd photo). With original full fiber length. Loss and length of two samples is verified matchng product data label at our lab, see last 2 photos below. Without actual dispersion test data. See sample dispersion test data at last pdf link above, see more sample dispersion test data of last 4 pdf links from AT&T in 1999.
Manufacture year(first 4 digits) and month (2 digits)1996
Dimensional Weight
(=LxWxH (cm) /6000)
36.00 kg
Price: US$310.00

Choose fiber spool length (km) Avail Qty Price Dim Weight Store Product Code Buy
0 US$310.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C Out of stock
1 US$310.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C0
1 US$323.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C1
1 US$310.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C2
1 US$329.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C3
1 US$330.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C4
1 US$491.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C5
1 US$338.50 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C6
1 US$378.00 4.00 kg FSC-NZDSF-SPOOL-007C7


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