About Us

Lightwavestore.com (renamed from GLZTECH Enterprise) --- fiber optics worldwide sales, customized design and test solutions in fiber optics, and consulting

Huge fiber-optics inventory of components, subsystems, cables, instruments, and other related goods. Amazing price (small fraction of original price mostly). Most goods have been already listed in new webstore . The rest goods are still in Old   

Inventory Store and is moving to new webstore. 

Over 25-year experienced fiber-optics professional is available for verification and even technical support. All cheap-items are physically examined, and their sample may be tested if necessary. Expensive items will be tested (we do our best with our available test equipment) before 

shipping. All items are offered limited warranty except few items stated “As is”. We ship world-wide with proper packing. Quantity info is updated dynamically. So please feel confident to buy.  

Contact Information 

Business name : Lightwavestore.com  

Incorporated.  Federal and Provincial business numbers are available upon request by email. Business number, address will be shown in the quote and invoice

We added a new business name Lightwavestore.com to GLZTECH Enterprise in Jan 2007. www.glztech.com  and www.lightwavestore.com  are exactly same.    

Telephone  1-613-7214921, 1-613-2401004 (if urgent)

Fax      1 (833) 666-5388  


General Information: info@lightwavestore.com 

Sales and Customer Support: sales@lightwavestore.com 


Office 1: 652 Seyton Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2H1A1, Canada

Office 2: 42 Antares Drive, # 115, Ottawa, ON, K2E7Y4, Canada  

For Chinese buyers, we have resellers in Beijing. They can import and make Chinese formal invoice/receipt for you, and you can pay them in Chinese Yuan.  If you need this info, please send email to info@lightwavestore.com 

Mailing Address: please send email to info@lightwavestore.com  or call us for full mailing address.