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    One one fiber spool available at the bottom of description. Price is for one spool. We normally do not sell partial fiber from spool, since we do not have fiber re-spool machine.

    Fiber type: RB02a, CPC: R0117181, Engineering Code: NT8W65XX. Reduced bend sensitivity (RBS) fibre, exhibiting much lower optical power loss under bend conditions while remaining compatible with conventional fiber, see 2nd pdf link for similar models. One example is to use this fiber to make 1480/1550nm WDM couplers (see 3rd pdf link below). Another popular example is to make fiber patchcords, see 4th pdf link below.

    Zero dispersion wavelength: 1318.67nm, dispersion slope at zero dispersion wavelength: 0.0882 ps /(nm2*km), spool length: 5.007km, tested on a sample by our local dispersion-test contractor at last pdf link below (see spool 18 in test report), with GN Nettest dispersion receiver FD440 RX and transmitter FD440 TX, in July 2013. So it is G.652 fiber, i.e, standard SMF.

    It is said it is compatible to Corning SMF-28 fiber. With product label. Both fiber ends are accessible. Great for transmission test or for OTDR test (to avoid blind-zone). Without fiber connectors by default, as shown in 1st 5 photos. We added SMF-28 fiber connectors by fusion-splice on several spools.

    We have Ericsson fusion splicer FSU-995FA, with fusion program 01 for SMF-28, and also with program 02 for depressed-clad fiber. We can make low splice loss (0.02dB - 0.04dB) with either program if we cleave fiber well. It seems program 02 is a little bit better. You would get higher splice loss if fiber cleave angle is >0.7 degree especially with program 01. We fusion-spliced SMF-28 FC/UPC connectors on three 5058-meter spools(see last 5 photos), the spool loss is about 1.6dB with one connector loss at 1.55um, and the tested fiber length is 5007 meter by OTDR, assuming the effective refractive index is same as SMF-28, which is slightly shorter than marked length 5058 meter, (it is either due to actual length is shorter, or the effective refractive index is much lower than SMF-28). We tested the attenuations on these three 5km samples are 0.269, 0.266, 0.273 dB/km at 1542nm by OTDR.

    It comes with plastic cover, without fiber connector, unless stated with a note.

    We can add fiber connector ($20 extra each connector). Please add fusion splice cost and choose your connector type at  Add fiber connector to optical fiber module by fusion-Splice  .

    It is ITU G.652 fiber, see ITU G.652 fiber info at 1st pdf link below.

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