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(Updated on Jan. 4, 2016) We are receiving goods frequently. As soon as we add them to our online store, we announce news at New-Arrived (dual category) Sometimes we are too busy to add them to online store. Followings are examples of what we have received but not listed in online store yet. 10mW Sumitomo SLT5411 lasers. FC/APC and other fiber jumpers. Many 100GHz Et-tek/JDS wavelocker FPWL2110ANS09. Transmitter subsystems. VOA instruments. Various Polarization related devices. Many 4-band mux/demux. Many 4-ch 100GHz demux. Photoplex 50GHz comb filters, Geophotonics Poarization controler module, dispersion compensator. Looking for more goods ? If you cannot find what you need in our online store, we can order for you from our stable suppliers, such as 10Gb/2.5Gb EML, DWDM 1.55um 20/10/5mW lasers, 1310nm digital/analog lasers, 1480/980nm pump lasers, 10Gb/2.5Gb APD or Pin receivers, 10Gb modulators, modulator driver modules, optical switch, optical voltage controlled attenuators, DWDM mux/demux up to 40ch, etc. It would take 1 or 2 weeks delivery. Price at large qty should be much lower than our online store retail price. Please feel free to ask us.

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