14xxnm Pump Lasers

Pin-out is type-1 for almost all 14xxnm pump lasers See type-1 and type-2 pin-out definition diagram . It is easy to figure out the pin-out type for any 14-pinout laser by laser controller. We use E-tek MLDC (max drive cusrrent 500mA, Newport laser controller (max drive current 1A). Notice on May 25, 2009: We recently realized the pin-out of Pirelli 980nm , ADC 980nm, recent received NEC 1480nm pump lasers is special, the pin 5 (thermistor) and pin 10 (LD Anode) are connected to case. Our E-tek laser controller MDLC can drive it well without any problem, but Newport laser controller can only drive it without TEC. We also know Thorlabs laser controller can drive it. When we use Newport laser controller with TEC on, the laser power is much lower than expected. Limited warranty info for laser modules: Lasers are very easy to get damaged and degraded by surge current, too high current/temperature/output-power, and optical reflection. You must use it very carefully with fully verified controller and system. When you receive ordered lasers, you must verify the working condition on laser itself firstly, using suitable and fully verified laser current and temperature controller. We only guarantee the laser working condition before laser inserted into system. After you put laser device into systems, we will not guarantee the laser working condition any more. Optical power of systems may launch into laser and damage laser, especially for pump lasers. You may need add isolator or filter around laser.
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