Payment Instruction

Last updated on Feb. 13, 2024

All prices are listed in US dollar (buyers may also pay by Canadian $ at the average of sell and buy US$/C$ rate at 

Payment Options (Note: We do not accept USD paypal for large order >$1500, unless you failed to pay with other methods)

• Wire Transfer: Preferred method for large amount. Our bank service fee $17.5 will be added to online invoice. (For large order from North America, this fee can be waived later)
For your convenience, our bank $17.5 service fee is already included in the invoice. About US$20 intermediary bank service fee for non-US/Canada buyers will be covered by us if order is over $1000.
For non-US/Canada buyers: If you like to wire C$ to our C$ bank account which would avoid intermediary bank service fee, we will not add our bank fee in the quote/invoice.
Not recommended for small order since too much unexpected bank service fee would be involved (We would have to charge US$25 third-party bank fee for US$ wire and C$10 for C$ wire for small  order).

• VISA/Master/Discover card, securely pay online now to ship promptly: We prefer billing/shipping address matches credit card billing address.
This is pre-authorization only, we will execute credit card charge manually including applicable discounted price and reduced shipping cost.
Small percentage of VISA CARD cannot pass online payment. Then you may try another card, or call you bank to check if the card is blocked. Or you send card info separately as mentioned below, we can charge it manually which has no problem so far.

• VISA/Master/Discover card by phone/email:   
If your online credit card payment fails, but you are still confident that your credit card is not blocked by your bank, or you prefer to send credit card info after checkout, please phone us credit card info 
including your card no, expiry date, secure code(last three digits at the back of the card), and card holder name.
You may try to tell us your credit card info over the phone if the web form above is not convenient.
You may also send by email at your security risk.
We may do address verification and/or identification validation especially for large order or new overseas(out of North America) buyers. 

If you can pay credit card manually by yourself, please email us, we will email you a link. 

• PayPal in C$ with credit/debt card or paypal balance, manually send to . 
Pay paypal in Canadian dollar. Preferred paypal payment method

• Money Order, Cashiers Check, Regular Check : Payable to Foreign regular check may hold 15 business days unless you send us official PO.

• West Union (Lower cost than Wire transfer for small order). Pay in C$ or US$ to our personal name. $10 handling fee will be added to invoice.
Buyer covers West Union service fee. Do not send in US$ !!!.  US$/C$ rate is from

• For Canadian buyers only: C$ email money transfer from your Canadian bank. Our TD bank email address is It is direct money transfer between two Canadian banks.
Another option: If your bank is TD, we will email you our bank account info, then you go to local TD bank branch to make direct deposit.

• PayPal in US$ with credit card or debt card (also ok with paypal balance), pay online now to ship promptly.
Automatically send payment to our paypal account. Then we will request extra shipping fee, or refund overcharged shipping fee if difference is >$7.  PayPal (Pay at with credit card or debt card), securely pay online now to ship promptly. Please do not choose this option for over $1500 order, otherwise we  may reject order unless you really cannot pay credit card in webstore.

• Paypal in US$ with balance or Bank-Instant-Transfer  :  Manually go to, pay to ,
MUST choose "send money to friends” or similar personal category !   (Do not choose default "Buy Goods" or "Purchase" option).  
This method is not prefered for large order. Warning: This paypal account does not accept credit card payment and debt card !!!

• Escrow. Buyer will pay up to 3.25% service fee if paying Escrow by wire transfer or money order,  or up to 6.3% if pay by credit card and paypal.
Escrow are acceptable for large amount payment(buyer is responsible for the service fee, up to 3.25% if buyer pays Escrow by wire transfer or money order, or  up to 6.3% if pay by credit card and paypal). It provides best protection for both seller and buyer. B
ut extra paper work is involved. Check info at .  Our escrow account is 

• You only need quotation. You can simply use online invoice as quote. PDF quotation will be also sent to you with applicable discount for large and qty order.

• Purchase Order without prepay, or with half prepay. Or reserve goods only: Non-prepay PO is only for universities & qualified businesses. Some traceable buyers are qualified for half prepay PO.  
Almost all the items are ok for purchase order from traceable universities and famous companies of North America and even other countries.  
Some sensitive and very expensive items may not be allowed by purchase order especially for the small company buyer (Please tell us your company info and your required item list).
We have to charge handling fee $15 for small PO order <$50 if you do not complete online order submission (Sorry we do not have much time to do time-consuming routine work.) 

Note: We are not able to accept American Express card, but you can pay paypal with American Express card.

Canadian buyer should pay applicable HST or 5% GST depending on your shipping address.