Shipping Info

Last updated on Sept. 2, 2020

Our online store calculates shipping cost of Fedex, Canada Post, and UPS; and also allow ship with your UPS/Fedex/DHL account number. 

We offer same-day worldwide shipping (Exception: Following categories: Passive Fiber Components, Fiber/Cable Spools, Part of Fiber Filter Components, Part of Fiber Patchcords/Pigtails, are in another location. We will ship in 0-2 days), if goods test and special packing are not required. Please allow enough packing time before shipping.  

Shipping cutoff time at our location: Fedex: 5pm, UPS: 5pm, DHL express: 3pm,  Post office: 4:00pm. (We need at least half hour shipping preparing time before the cutoff time). Note: UPS can only pick up on next day due to covid-19.

No Customs fee to USA:
No customs/duty and no customs broker fee if ship by Fedex/UPS/DHL air and Canada Post with any insurance coverage, or by UPS ground with less than $800 insurance coverage.
Exception: If ship by UPS ground with over $800 insurance coverage, there is customs broker fee $29 ($41 if insure over $1250), but there is still no duty.
Note: We use correct customs codes in customs invoice, and sometimes we also make NAFTA certificate, so there is no duty charge to USA customers.

Please log-in our online store to estimate shipping cost for your selected goods. Handling is free for items with original product package. 

Shipping to USA: 
Recommend: Fedex priority (1-day delivery) and Fedex economy (2-day).  
Small pack post for small and cheap parcel. Canada-Post small packets air: US$6.2 if <250g, US$7.93 if <0.5kg; US$12.35 if <1kg.  4-10 business days delivery without on-time guarantee. (updated on June. 13, 2006). Small packets has no insurance, no delivery confirmation, no tracking.

Shipping to Canada:
Recommend: UPS ground(35% discount), and Canada post for large parcel.
Letter post for very thin envelope.

Shipping to any other countries (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa):
Recommend: Fedex priority and Fedex economy. Canada Post small packet for small and cheap parcel.
Canada-Post small packets air: US$7.42 if <250g, US$13.6 if <0.5kg, US$25.85 if <1kg, US$39.96 if<2kg.   6-10 business days delivery to most countries.  (updated on June 13, 2006). Small packets has no insurance, no delivery confirmation, no tracking.
Canada-Post Xpresspost and air parcel: insurance limit is max C$1000.

Information for overseas buyers who often purchase goods by USPS from USA
Canada Post small packet air offers similar features to USPS priority mail but would be few days slower. 6-10 business day delivery.
Canada post Xpresspost offers similar features to USPS EMS but would be few days slower. 4-7 business day delivery.

Other secondary info: 

We normally do not apply insurance with our Fedex/UPS/DHL account, since they are very reliable. Insurance is not included in calculated Fedex/UPS shipping fees. We might add $35 insurance cost manually for very expensive (over $5000) shipment.

Packed shipping weight is max of (dimensional weight, actual weight). For almost all our goods, dimensional weight > actual weight. So shipping weight is determined by dimensional weight.
Listed dimensional weight(kg) in webstore = length x width x height (cm) /6000, or weight(lb) = length x width x height (inch) /166. This formula is directly used in webstore shipping cost calculation for UPS ground.
For UPS/Fedex/DHL air shipping, dimensional weight(kg) = length x width x height (cm) /5000, or weight(lb) = length x width x height (inch) /139. So actual dimensional weight = 1.2 x listed dimensional weight

For Canada post small packet,  shipping weight only depends on actual weight. So webstore shipping cost would be over-estimated. 

Very occasionally buyer’s shipping account is declined after delivery especially by Fedex and DHL, though the shipping account is ok when we make online shipping waybill. In this case, you might request Fedex/DHL directly to charge to your shipping account instead within short period(normally one week). Otherwise we have to charge such cost to your credit card. 

Occasionally we might add limited handling fee(normally $2-$10) for fragile and static-sensitive items without original package, especially for the components with fragile fiber pigtails, static-sensitive lasers, expensive instruments, depending on the time involved.

See Canada Post 2015-year shipping rate here (in Canadian $, please add fuel surcharge above the rate for parcels, and add insurance)

Fedex express fuel surcharge: 7.75% from July 17, 2019. Click this link for updated info 
Canada post fuel surcharge 10.75% (express), 5.75% (non-express) from Feb. 3, 2014; Click this link for updated info. 
UPS ground fuel surchage: 6%, UPS air fuel surchage: 8.5% from Jan. 3, 2015. Click this link for updated info.