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Last updated on August 17, 2019

Purchase procedure:
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==> add to cart ==> checkout, log in or register  
==> choose delivery method
==> choose payment method
==> place order
==> online invoice
==> (we email you revised pdf invoice)
==> receive payment or PO
==> ship
==> pdf invoice with tracking #.

Please place order directly from this online store, then we download your ordered item list to our software, and email you a revised pdf invoice/quote manually based on actual parcel size and weight of combined goods, and may add applicable discount for shipping cost and for large qty products.

Online store VISA/Master card payment is pre-authorization only, we will execute credit card charge manually including applicable reduced shipping cost and even discount for large qty order.

If you really cannot pay at online store, you can still send online order, we will send you revised pdf invoice in email, and you send payment offline later.

If you even cannot send online order, you may fax(or email at your security risk) us order request including requested store part #, qty, and price info with credit card info and shipping preference, we can charge your credit card manually.

Only need quote or reserve goods: We encourage you submit order directly from online store. In checkout, you choose "Only need quote or "Reserve goods only, or email/fax PO" from payment options list, then submit order, and you can use online invoice as approximate quote. Then we download your submitted goods list to our software, and email you a revised pdf invoice/quote manually based on actual parcel size and weight of combined goods, and may apply reduced shipping cost and even discount for large qty order.

Submitting order directly from online store can save our quoting time significantly and avoid various misunderstandings. We can still make quote manually as before if you really need, then we have to submit online order on behalf of you (we process online order at higher priority, so it would take several hours to make quote manually). You have to tell us store part # of each item, shipping speed, and preferred payment method. Or you can email/fax your purchase order.

Discount policy for regular online store buyers :
The product with unit price < $200 is global discount enabled, our online store  offer 2%/3%/4%/5%/6%/7%/8%/9%/10% discount if total global discount enabled products is $500/$750/$1000/$1250/$1500/$1750/$$2000/$2500/$3000 (Exception: Products with wholesale price or with unit price >$200 are not qualified for this discount).

Discount policy for large qty buyers including wholesale and resale buyers :
Our discount policy is to offer lower or no discount for hard-to-get items (e.g., most lasers, fiber spools, tools and instruments, RF parts) and higher discount for easy-to-get or low-value items (e.g., some passive fiber devices, fiber jumpers) for qty order. This way we can keep more types of goods to attract various buyers to search our online store.  We may not offer discount for the goods with wholesale price. We may add some discount especially for passive fiber components after receive online order. No discount for most of pump lasers, most of bare SMF spools, higher power signal lasers especially around 1550nm.
Normally we do not offer special educational discount.

Looking for more goods ?
If you cannot find what you need in our online store, we may order for you from our stable suppliers, such as 10Gb/2.5Gb EML, DWDM 1.55um 20/10/5mW lasers, 1310nm digital/analog lasers, 1480/980nm pump lasers, 10Gb/2.5Gb APD or Pin receivers, 10Gb modulators, modulator driver modules, optical switch, optical voltage controlled attenuators, DWDM mux/demux up to 40ch, etc.  We normally do not do this for small order. Price at large qty should be much lower than our online store retail price. It would take 1 or 2 weeks delivery. Please feel free to ask us.

No Customs fee to USA:
Shipping to USA: No duty and no customs broker fee if ship by Fedex/UPS/DHL air and Canada Post with any insurance coverage, or by UPS ground with less than $800 insurance coverage (We normally do not add insurance).
Note: We use correct customs codes in customs invoice, and we also make NAFTA certificate if need, so there is no duty charge to USA customers. Exception: If ship by UPS ground with over $800 insurance coverage, there is customs broker fee $29 ($41 if insure over $1250), but there is still no duty.

About specification and user guide:
Many of our inventory products are discontinued products and there may be no specification and user instruction. We have searched google and for pdf specification, and occasionally we tried to debug pinout by ourselves, before we posted products to online store. So it is buyer’s responsibility to read our online store product description firstly and pdf files, and find extra technical info by yourselves before you decide to buy. (We expect to sell such products to the customers who used such products before or they may get extra info from their friends, or they know how to debug pinout).You can return it for refund or credit, but two-way shipping fees are not refundable.