Warranty & Support

(Last updated on July 17, 2018)

45-day warranty for general customers (Exception: 30-day warranty for most of laser diodes, SOA modules, 40Gb detectors/receivers) 

60-day warranty for resellers and for large qty of goods. 

We can add extra 30 day warranty for some special goods which would take longer time to verify its long-term stability. 

One year warranty for brand new optical instruments made by manufacturer Fiberprime, Inc.,  see details at bottom of this page 

Longer warranty may be offered upon request. 

Warranty period is counted from the date you receive goods to the date you return goods(or to the date you request to return). 

Goods can be either exchanged, credited, or refunded, if customer is not satisfied with the goods. Shipping fee is not refundable in most cases. 

Warranty policy may not apply to the goods specially ordered from our suppliers according to customer's request. But we will do our best to help our customers. 

Shipping cost refunding policy for general goods (excluding brand new optical instruments made from manufacturer Fiberprime, Inc.) : 

Return working goods (unused or used) for refund, exchange or credit: Shipping is not refundable. 

Return unused defective goods for refund : Shipping is not refundable. 

Return unused defective goods for exchange or credit : Shipping could be reasonably and partially covered by us, assuming the shipping cost is quite lower than item value. 

Return used defective goods for exchange or credit: shipping should be mostly or reasonably covered by us, assuming the shipping cost is quite lower than item value. 

Return used defective goods for refund: shipping should be reasonably or partially refundable, assuming the shipping cost is quite lower than item value. 

Shipping cost would be partially refundable if item description is significantly incorrect by our fault. Custom broker fee will not be refundable in any case since it is unpredictable from our side. 

No warranty is offered if ("AS IS") is marked in Condition column of product description page, mostly for used products which working conditions cannot be verified by us. Only about 1% products are marked ("Sell AS IS"). In most of cases, you can return it for refund or credit, but two-way shipping fees are not refundable. 

About specification and user guide: Many of our inventory products are discontinued products and there may be no specification and user instruction from makers. We have searched google and www.datasheetarchive.com for pdf specification, and occasionally we tried to debug pinout by ourselves, before we posted products to online store. So it is buyer’s responsibility to read our online store product description firstly and get extra technical info before he decides to buy. (We expect to sell such products to the customers who used such products before or they may get extra info from their friends, or they know how to debug pinout).You can return it for refund or credit, but two-way shipping fees are not refundable. 

Goods verification policy before shipping (excluding brand new optical instruments made by Fiberprime, Inc) 

New and unused items will not be taken test normally, though we may take sample test if datasheet is not available or if expensive goods may be degraded or defective. 

Expensive used items will be tested for working condition (basic or major functional test) before shipping. 

For instruments, we only quickly verify the working condition for one major parameter (e.g, only verify the reading value of optical power meter is reasonable (handheld OPM) or comparable to other OPM at 1.55um wavelength at -40dBm optical input), but we cannot or have no time to make calibration and stability test. 

Used passive components will be taken simple loss test unless time-consuming splicing is involved 

Used active components would be taken simple functional test for each unit or by sample only, using our available facility. 

We probably cannot or have no time to test complex modules or subsystems (excluding instruments). 

Further test and even simple calibration may be offered at extra cost. Technical support and consulting is available. 

Note: When we refund credit card payment, credit card company will charge us total 7% fee (two-way 3.5% fee). If you have a not-small chance to return goods, we suggest you to pay with a method other than credit card. Otherwise we might  

only consider keep credit for you rather than refund if you have return history.

Limited warranty info for laser modules: 

Lasers are very easy to get damaged and degraded by surge current, too high current/temperature/output-power, and optical reflection. You must use it very carefully with fully verified controller and system. 

When you receive ordered lasers, you must verify the working condition on laser itself firstly, using suitable and fully verified laser current and temperature controller. We only guarantee the laser working condition before laser inserted into system. 

After you put laser device into systems, we will not guarantee the laser working condition any more.  Optical power of systems may launch into laser and damage laser, especially for pump lasers. You may need add isolator or filter around laser.  

Warranty Policy for brand new optical instruments made by Fiberprime, Inc. 

Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com  warrants instruments made by Fiberprime to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of goods delivery. During the warranty period under normal use, we will repair or replace for returned goods, at our option, without charge. We normally do not offer refund, especially if instrument is opened or in non-original packaging. For customized products, order cannot be canceled after production, defective  products can only be repaired. 

Exceptions: All consumable parts are excluded from the warranty including but not limited to : fiber adapters, fiber patchcords. Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com  warranties does not cover equipment or parts subjected to misuse, negligence, accidental destruction, incoming power problems, or that are not used as per the user manual. 

If you receive items that have been damaged during shipment, or find that your shipment is incomplete, please email or contact us within 10 days for an immediate replacement or repair. After 10 days, an additional handling fee may be imposed. 

Return/Repair Policy for brand new optical instruments made by Fiberprime, Inc. 

A. Buyer will notify Fiberprime about the occurrence of defective or non-operational Product and request a “Return Authorization Number” (hereinafter referred to as “RMA#”) from Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com for the items Buyer would 

like to return for repair or replacement by e- mail to info@lightwavestore.com. This RMA# is to be used for all correspondence and shipping documents that relate to the Product. If returned instrument is already tried by customer, we normally  

will only repair it, or replace with new one if it is not repairable. 

B. After we email shipping instruction to buyer, buyer will ship the defective or non-operational Product to Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Buyer must use original packaging. If original packaging is not available, place your instrument in a container which will insure at least 2 inch of compressible protection material (such as sponge, foam, bubble wrap) on all sidesShipping damage is not covered by this warranty. Buyer will be responsible for customs fee if buyer does not follow our shipping instruction on shipping paper work. 

C. Upon receipt of the returned Product, Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com will test the Product to verify the defective status of the component within the terms of the Limited Warranty and communicate such results to Buyer. 

D. Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com will either send a repaired or replacement product after verifying that the Product returned under the RMA# is in fact defective within the terms of the Limited Warranty. Fiberprime/Lightwavestore.com is responsible for shipping costs of replacement Product to the Buyer. 

About customer’s special requirement to select samples 

As standard policy, we cannot select samples by test data, but we can check if test data can meet your special requirement. If test data does not meet customer’s requirement, we will remove all qty of this store product code from the order. For expensive item, we may make exception, and divide samples into different prices according to test data. (Otherwise, customers will not trust us any more and would think the goods left in our online store are not so good .)