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1.55um (1533.46 to 1558.98nm) 10mW 14-pin butterfly laser for CATV and DWDM. Low linewidth. Renesas/NEC P/N: NX8563LAxxx-88E(-88C).
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1.55um (1533.46 to 1558.98nm) 10mW 14-pin butterfly laser for CATV and DWDM. Low linewidth. Renesas/NEC P/N: NX8563LAxxx-88E(-88C).

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Narrow linewidth, typical line width 1 MHz. With SC/APC SM fiber connector. Laser Set Temperature: 30 - 45 C (Not popular 25 C). P/N: NX8563LAxxx-88E or NX8563LAxxx-88C. INTP/INTS: NX8563LAxxx-88E-AZ or NX8563LAxxx-88C-AZ. Pf=10mW. We checked the package, laser module physical details, manufacture test data, and our lab test result, there is no difference between -88E and -88C in P/N.

For direct modulation. The datasheet in the pdf link below is focus on DWDM application, but it can be also for CATV. From , this laser model is described as "NEC's Direct Modulated InGaAsP MQW DFB Laser Diode Module for 2.5Gb/s 110km and 240km Reach DWDM Metro and CATV Applications ". See txt link below for more info for CATV application.

Maker NEC merged to Maker Renesas in 2011. Renesas products manufacture year: May 2010. NEC products manufacture year: July 2008. “RoHS Compliant” and “Pb-Free” are marked on some Renesas product cases. “Pb-Free” is marked on NEC and Renesas product cases. Made in Japan.

Available wavelengths, P/N, and maker:
1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88C, RENE
1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88E, RENE
1535.03nm, NX8563LA350-88E, NEC
1539.76nm, NX8563LA397-88E, NEC
1542.14nm, NX8563LA421-88C, RENE
1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88C, RENE
1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88E, RENE
1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88C, RENE
1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88E, RENE
1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88C, RENE
1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88E, RENE
1547.71nm, NX8563LA477-88C, RENE
1549.31nm, NX8563LA493-88E, RENE
1550.91nm, NX8563LA509-88E, RENE
1552.52nm, NX8563LA525-88E, RENE
1554.13nm, NX8563LA541-88E, RENE
1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88C, RENE
1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88E, RENE
1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88C, RENE
1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88E, RENE
1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, NEC
1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, RENE

      The NX8563LA Series is a 1550 nm Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) structured Distributed Feed-Back (DFB) laser diode module with Single Mode Fiber.
       It is designed as directly modulation light source and ideal for optical transmission systems. The device is available for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) wavelengths based on ITU-T recommendations, enabling a wide range of applications.

• Peak output power Pf = 10 mW MIN.
• Available for DWDM wavelengths based on ITU-T recommendations
(100 GHz grid, please refer to the ORDERING INFORMATION)
• Internal thermo-electric cooler and isolator
• Hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package
• Single mode fiber pigtail
• Wide operation temperature range

Store Part No. wavelengths, P/N, and maker Qty Price Buy
OSC-LDS-C-008EA 1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88C, RENE 5 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E10 1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88E, RENE 2 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E20 1535.03nm, NX8563LA350-88E, NEC 13 US$190.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E30 1539.76nm, NX8563LA397-88E, NEC 18 US$190.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E40 1542.14nm, NX8563LA421-88C, RENE 2 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E50 1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88C, RENE 9 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E60 1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88E, RENE 1 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E70 1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88C, RENE 24 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E80 1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88E, RENE 1 US$200.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E90 1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88C, RENE 26 US$210.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E100 1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88E, RENE 1 US$210.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E110 1547.71nm, NX8563LA477-88C, RENE 16 US$240.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E120 1549.31nm, NX8563LA493-88E, RENE 0 US$280.00 Out of stock
OSC-LDS-C-008E130 1550.91nm, NX8563LA509-88E, RENE 14 US$280.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E140 1552.52nm, NX8563LA525-88E, RENE 10 US$260.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E150 1554.13nm, NX8563LA541-88E, RENE 10 US$240.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E160 1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88C, RENE 27 US$240.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E170 1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88E, RENE 12 US$230.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E180 1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88C, RENE 27 US$220.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E190 1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88E, RENE 14 US$220.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E200 1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, NEC 1 US$210.00 + -
OSC-LDS-C-008E210 1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, RENE 1 US$220.00 + -
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    new in sealed original manufacture package except 3 sample cases are open for our lab verification, with manufacture test data (see last 5 pdf links below). 7 lasers are tested working well at our lab, see last photos of 3 samples at top left.

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    0.3500 kg
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  • wavelengths, P/N, and maker
    1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, RENE, 1558.98nm, NX8563LA589-88E, NEC, 1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88E, RENE, 1557.36nm, NX8563LA573-88C, RENE, 1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88E, RENE, 1555.74nm, NX8563LA557-88C, RENE, 1554.13nm, NX8563LA541-88E, RENE, 1552.52nm, NX8563LA525-88E, RENE, 1550.91nm, NX8563LA509-88E, RENE, 1549.31nm, NX8563LA493-88E, RENE, 1547.71nm, NX8563LA477-88C, RENE, 1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88E, RENE, 1546.11nm, NX8563LA461-88C, RENE, 1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88E, RENE, 1544.52nm, NX8563LA445-88C, RENE, 1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88E, RENE, 1542.93nm, NX8563LA429-88C, RENE, 1542.14nm, NX8563LA421-88C, RENE, 1539.76nm, NX8563LA397-88E, NEC, 1535.03nm, NX8563LA350-88E, NEC, 1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88E, RENE, 1533.46nm, NX8563LA334-88C, RENE
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